The Science

Poor diet, environmental toxins, medications and stress have caused our bodies to become too acidic (acidosis). Since disease thrives in acidic conditions, drinking natural alkaline water is the best and fastest way to eliminate inflammation and positively impact our health and wellness.

Naturally high pH water (9.5) will alkalinize the body at a cellular level and maintain the proper pH through the blood stream., thus naturally detoxifying the body, improving sleep, increasing energy, decreasing pain, improving sleep quality, reducing acid reflux, improving heart and bone health, regulating weight and blood pressure, boosting immunity and opposing disease.

High alkalinity and high oxygen are two factors of particular interest to us in our cancer work. Research has shown that the best way to prevent cancer or to keep it from recurring is to provide an inhospitable environment in which cancer cells cannot grow. "Dr. Otto Warburg"

Natural alkaline water occurs when water travels over rocks. Spring water will pick up minerals and increase alkalinity in the process. Many of the alkaline waters on the market today take tap water and use synthetic methods (ionization or electrolysis) to artificially create alkaline water. However these methods result in an alkaline water that is missing essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. Thus, when it is consumed, your body believes it is taking in more minerals than the amount actually present in the water.  Over time, this could potentially lead to a mineral deficiency.