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Water, Pure & Simple

At Cold Water Springs we believe WATER is LIFE. It is our vision to see a world free from disease and suffering. We exist to provide the world with the best naturally alkaline water, pure and simple, not processed or purified from a tap. We believe your mind, body and soul deserves nothing but the best. Many alkaline bottled water companies put their water through a chemical process known as electrolysis. These companies take government-sourced water that has both positively and negatively charged minerals and separates the two sources. This process creates two streams of water, one being high alkaline water and the other stream being acidic water.


9.5ph Natural Alkaline Water

Our alkaline spring water has a naturally detoxifying high pH of 9.5 and flows from the majestic mountain ranges of British Columbia. These mountains are a part of the Okanagan-Thompson Plateau. This plateau lies mainly within the Southern Interior Plateau and is defined, for the most part, by the Thompson River, stretching from the highest peak of the Northern Continental Range of the Canadian Rockies, to historical gold rush towns and ranches in the south.

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